Transform people’s experience of entertainment. We are advancing a multi-sensory and interactive approach to narrative that engages people’s emotions. Through the employment of creative expertise, understanding of social relationships and evolving technology we are pushing the boundaries of storytelling, taking our projects into the enhanced reality of immersive storytelling.

White Horse Immersive was founded in 2019 by Wan Zhao, David Bassuk and Ding Wei in response to the desire for immersive experiences that integrate theater, dance and animation with world of design and games. The goal is to refocus on the audience’s experience and rethink of their participation as an adventure.

Since its inception White Horse Immersive has collaborated with several different artists that have a wide array of skills. Our creative network of highly skilled artists is our most persuasive resource and we intend to continue to grow this network through new projects and educational outreach opportunities.

  • White Horse Immersive is a multi-disciplinary experience design studio focused on creating work that captures attention, provokes emotion and inspires thought. 
  • Our goal in every project is to set the audience in motion inside of a story that is playable like a game while also being an exceptional work of fine art. We share and design narratives as a “playable system.” 
  • Our approach to building story-worlds involves generating an environment where the exploration of new technologies is combined with the traditional arts. 
  • We are committed to transmedia storytelling, an approach that incorporates live and immersive performance including dance, theater, creative writing, graphic and interior design, as well as marketing.  
  • White Horse Immersive merges disciplines to develop work that is both innovative and commercially appealing.
Wan Zhao, David Bassuk, Ding Wei